Karen Stanberry - Yoga Instructor. British Wheel of Yoga Certified

Welcome to Lotus Yoga, the online home for Yoga Instructor, Karen Stanberry.

Yoga SymbolKaren is a professionally qualified teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. Her classes explore a variety of techniques which help to strengthen, re-align and relax the body whilst stilling the mind by focusing on correct breathing, flowing movement, classical postures and relaxation techniques.

Surfer's YogaAs well as offering Reiki treatments and Hatha Yoga classes, Karen specialises in teaching Yoga for Surfers and can be found in the South/South West of England instructing surfers on suitable pre-surf and post-surf yoga workouts; helping them to develop their strength, balance, mental focus and lung capacity – something that everyone, not just surfers, can benefit from.

The practice of yoga can be a transformation, and as you practice Yoga, you start to feel better not only on the outside but on the inside too. You begin to trust your own judgement, to cope with life’s stresses much more easily and gradually you develop your own unique potential. The inspiration and enjoyment of learning about your body will grow and grow and you will start to observe changes in yourself after just one lesson, and from thereon the journey begins.....

stretch, breathe and simply be